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Water Softener Sale!

5 Reasons You’ll Be “Incredibly Happy!” with a Salt or Salt Free
Water Softener from Idaho Water Solutions:

Enjoy the awesome benefits of a quality water softener within just a few days at a fraction of the cost!

  1. RIGHT NOW GET $300 OFF the best water softeners you can buy!
  2. Get expert & dependable local water softener advice, service & follow up.
  3. We include perfect installation of your water softener. No mess left behind.
  4. You receive the best & longest water softener warranty in the industry.
  5. You’ll enjoy a 100% “Incredibly Happy!” guarantee on all sales & service.


What is the Best Water Softener to Buy?

Don’t be fooled by “cheap” water softener units at ridiculously low prices or claims that a wire or magnet wrapped around your water pipes will soften your water & give you the results you want…

You will end up paying more in a very short period of time due to equipment failures, high operating costs and premature wear out.

Cheap softeners use excessive water & salt, are made with low-quality media & resins that break down quickly and are expensive to replace (within 2-3 years).

They have cheap valves & timers that allow tons of water & salt to be wasted yearly… the list of problems & false claims go on.

In many cases these units never work at all as promised… your money will be wasted.

Many units being advertised are also overpriced for what you receive.

We talk to people every week that are unhappy with softener systems they’ve just purchased elsewhere…

All water softeners are not created equal. Although, many companies (especially online) want you to believe they are.

The best value softener to buy is an American made Safeway™ water softener:

The Safeway™ salt or salt-free water softener units featured below are manufactured with nothing but the best in parts and workmanship.

Safeway™ softeners are designed to give you many years of absolute trouble-free great service, the lowest operation costs, the best performance, and the quality measurable water improvements you desire. They also come with the best warranties in the industry.

Plus… We are here locally to back those claims with exceptional service and follow up.

Idaho Water Solutions is Idaho’s source for Safeway™ American made water softeners and we further guarantee your happiness with a FREE water test and “no pressure” expert consulting. We promise to give you & your family the best quality water for your home.

We currently want to increase our client base and are looking for new referrals. To do this, we are offering a sale and bonus that truly is unbelievable…

We know when you experience the quality of our service and water softeners, you will tell your friends & family about us for many years. Especially when you get a deal like this:

RIGHT NOW GET $300 OFF a Complete Safeway™
Water Softener System! (Salt or Salt Free)

Choose either system… Salt or Salt Free:

……..Safeway Salt

Safeway™ Salt Water Softener

  • 30,000 grain allowing high flow rate
  • High quality 10 link resin.
  • On demand metered valve. new technology vortex plate to save more salt, energy and water than ever.
  • 10 year warranty on tank and 7 year on electronics
  • Exceptional water softening performance even in the hardest water environments
  • High quality, dependable, long lasting, high performance water softener

……….Safeway Salt Free

Safeway™ Salt Free Water Softener

  • High flow rates for up to 3 bathrooms.
  • High quality Anti-Scale media
  • 10 year tank warranty – 5 year media
  • Vortech Plate increasing water flow.
  • Actually a water “conditioner” and not recommended for medium to very hard water applications

* The systems above will outperform many water softeners selling for $2500-$3000 and will also outperform the following popular models: Kenmore 300, 350, 370, 420 series. Water Boss 700 and 900. GE Water Softeners GXSF30H, GXSF40F. Whirlpool series WHES304, WHES48, WHES404. and most other salt or salt free water softeners on the market. Plus you get local trouble free exceptional service & installation…


ON SALE NOW: Starting at $1995 Including Installation!

You Save $300…


A Complete $299 Whole House Carbon Water Filter System


Quick Change Filter

Receive this complete “Big Blue” whole house filter system FREE with either water softener above… no hidden costs! Enjoy purer water throughout your home. Save hundreds in bottled water. This system acts as a pre-filter to the salt/salt-free system getting rid of any sediments throughout the whole house in both hot and cold water lines. It uses a granular activated carbon technology made specific to reduce chlorine, sulfur any any other foul odors leaving you with clean fresh water throughout your whole house. Big Blue is normally $299 but is NOW Yours FREE with either of our salt or salt free water softeners!

Includes installation…

*We cannot afford to do this long… This is an incredible offer and will end soon.

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What Are The Differences Between Salt & Salt Free Water Softeners?


You may have some questions as to which system to use. Here is some comparison information on the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using a salt -vs- a salt free water softener:

Salt Water Softener Advantages

  • Gets rid of water scale & buildup
  • Cuts soap usage by 66%
  • Rinses soap from your body better
  • Leaves hair & skin silky smooth
  • Increased life for clothes
  • Extends life of plumbing and appliances
  • Extends appliance efficiency ratings
  • Can treat even the hardest of water environments
  • The best way to truly soften water

Salt Free Water Softener Advantages

  • Can help condition water in mild hard water situations
  • Can Reduce water scale & buildup in mild applications
  • No salt or chemicals to add
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  • Saves space (no salt tank)
  • No water wasted to regenerate
  • No electricity needed
  • Little or no drop in water pressure

Salt Water Softener Disadvantages

  • Ongoing cost of adding salt
  • Takes up a little more space
  • Uses a bit more water (cleaning cycle).
  • Uses electricity for valve operation
  • 10-15 PSI drop in water pressure.
  • Adds sodium to water

Salt Free Water Softener Disadvantages

  • Actually a water conditioner
  • For use in mild hard water applications only
  • No “slick feeling” on skin during bathing
  • More soap use than with a salt softener
  • Not effective in medium to very hard water applications
  • Does not give the same softening results of salt softener

Claim Your $300 OFF on a Safeway™ Water Softener Today…
REGULAR PRICE: $2295+ – NOW Starting at Only $1995 Complete!

PLUS: Get a $299 Whole Carbon House Water Filter System

You save a total of $599… We want your referrals.

*We cannot afford to do this long… This is an incredible offer and will end soon.

Call Now: 208-475-4046

Or use our Quick Contact Form

We promise no pressure sales. We also promise to expertly answer any questions you have on water softeners & help you make an informed decision whether you go
with us or not. Of course with a deal on systems like this… You’d be crazy not to!

Thank you!

“Your Pure Water Experts!” – Idaho Water Solutions

PS: The offers above include expert installation, delivery, hardware… everything! You’ll be enjoying the awesome benefits of quality, true soft water within just a few days at a fraction of the cost. There are no hidden costs. Extra plumbing in homes not pre-plumbed properly may have some extra charges… we would let you know up front though. Call now for your free water analysis & system needs consultation!

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